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Gili's Automotive
12410 Washington Ave
Rockville, MD 20852
39.052975 -77.110745
4.83/5.00 average rating
143 reviews
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  Carol 01/13/2011
  Philip 01/06/2011
They have knowledgeable staff that are friendly towards their customers.
  Jim 12/30/2010
Did you change my oil? No sticker so I can't tell. I guess this is better than the last time when you indicated with the sticker that I wasn't due for an oil change for 50,000 miles.
  Christopher 12/23/2010
Great job guys. I needed extensive work done to the car and knew it going in. When Gili's called back with the laundry list of things that needed to be done, I could only afford (based on time and cash on hand) the few most important items. The manager didn't try to talk me into or out of any of the work. He just let me know what needed to be done. After talking with my uncle who owns a shop in Massachusetts, I knew that the cost of repairs Gili's charged were very fair, especially considering Gili's location in one of the most affluent areas in the country. Once I'm able to settle in after the holidays, I will not hesitate to bring the car back for the remainder of the work. Thanks Gili.
  David 10/25/2010
The best thing about your shop was the staff and the overall treatment top to bottom by everyone I got involved with over there. Top notch.
  Anonymous 10/15/2010
  Stephanie 09/23/2010
I really appreciated that you accommodated me and my BMW at short notice, when I learned I had to unexpectedly drive to NYC and wanted to be sure my car was safe. thanks again .....
  Paul 09/16/2010
Thanks for the good work. I appreciate honesty.
  Al 09/09/2010
  Glen 07/29/2010
  Elayne 07/15/2010
I have recommended your shop to many friends who are currently saatisfied customers.
  Andrew 07/10/2010
  Tom 07/08/2010
I brought the car in a day early just to see if you could be sure you would be able to have it fixed 2 days later. Instead of just checking it out you did the work a day earlier! Great service as always!
  Joe 06/17/2010
  Patricia 06/16/2010
Fixing the air conditioning was just in time. It is working beautifully. Thank you.
  John 06/10/2010
I feel confident bringing my car to your shop and enjoy the friendliness and knowledge of staff. Every repair has made my car more reliable and fun to drive. I thank you very much.
  James 06/03/2010
Thanks again for your professional staff and consideration! Jim Hawkins
  Jared & Deborah 05/13/2010
great work, as usual jared
  Tom 04/29/2010
I have recommended your shop.
  Irwin 04/22/2010
You're still the best and i will call you in about a week to schedule the recommended work on the Toyota. Also scratch the Dodge Neon.......we traded it in
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12410 Washington Ave
Rockville, MD 20852
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