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Gili's Automotive
12410 Washington Ave
Rockville, MD 20852
39.052975 -77.110745
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143 reviews
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  John 04/15/2010
I am very pleased; I now enjoy my car VERY much once again. If I can be of any assistance to you, just let me know. I appreciate your efforts very much.
  Claire 04/13/2010
I wouldn't take my car any place else!!!
  Mark 04/08/2010
There's nobody better. Thanks for the continued great service Mark Zelbo
  John 04/08/2010
Appreciated being able to pick te car up that Saturday. Talked to Gili then about customizing my Corvette (exhaust, performance chip, air intake)when the weather got better. Seems it is now good weather. How should we go about it from here? Thanks, John Weeks
  Laird 04/01/2010
unfortunately, the first job (radio) was not checked completly but I had no issue w/ bringing it back for that and a second job.
  Elain 03/11/2010
you did an outstanding job and I appreciate how quickly everything was done. I will return with all my car needs. Thanks, Elaine Colton
  Tom 02/25/2010
This was a pre-purchase inspection. We did not buy or make an offer but instead found another car in PA. Had an inspection done and bought on the spot. We will be returning for future service to your shop. Thanks
  James 02/19/2010
I am grateful for Gilli and his staff! Jim Hawkins
  Tricia 01/21/2010
I just moved to Maryland, and I'm so glad to find a place where I can trust everyone and I know the work will be done right at a reasonable price. Great job, thank you!!!
  Margaret 01/04/2010
I am so happy to have received the recommendation from Karen Hubbard to bring my car to your shop. I recently moved to this area from North Carolina. I had the same trusted mechanic for years. It was like leaving a long time friend and also like trying finding a new doctor I felt was knowledgeable and trustworthy. I look forward to many services on my old 2000 Volvo S80 that has 204,000 miles and is still going strong! Thanks!
  Sokenunese 04/15/2015
Completed MD emissions inspection of my car in a timely and friendly manner. Professional and courteous. They were able to drop me off/pick up with the car. Highly recommend in the Rockville, MD area. Thanks again!
  James 11/28/2014
  Joseph 01/17/2013
Gili is always willing to help work out your most difficult car problems. I have this issue of battery drain. Since I have 2 cars one tends to sit more then the other and causes me to jump it constantly. He discovered an excessive drain that we figure is from the security system. He researched batteries and found one that should work better. He also recommended that I get a solar trickle charger, that plugs into the lighter outlet, to help make up the drain.
  Natalie 01/11/2013
The office managers have been a big reason why I have returned to Gilis. They make the process of having my cars maintained and repaired more efficient, and I know what is going on, and how much it is going to cost.
  Andrew 07/20/2012
  Matt 10/06/2011
The personnel at Gilis were honest and gave me good advice regarding my options for repairing my 14 year old car. The components I needed replaced were replaced at reasonable costs for labor and parts. They worked with me to ensure that the total bill was minimized as much as was practical. Now I'll have my car in good running order for at least a couple more years!
  David 08/04/2011
Gili's greatest strength is their willingness to explain what exactly is wrong with the vehicle. Their greatest weakness is their cost of labor. I don't know how they could bring that down, but I thought it was a little steep. Overall though, they were great. Infinitely better than the Honda dealership.
  James 07/14/2011
well done!
  James 03/10/2011
  Adam 08/02/2012
Working with Gili's is a pleasure. They are very accommodating and concise about what needs to be done about your car. That being said, I went in twice in one year and have never had the work finished presumably. The first visit cost several thousand dollars and caused my steering column to squeal when pinned to either side. My tires were rotated but one seems to have a slow leak. Also, the check engine light came on about a week after my service. I brought it in more recently because of the check engine light and it cost me $400 in repairs that should have been made the first time. My check engine light is on again, a week after i brought it in for service and now i cannot reach them. This is unacceptable.
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